Stevie Nick's Gypsy in Courtney Love's Dress

Lace dress and Hat from a market in Singapore, under-wrap dress from American Apparel, Choker and earrings from etsy, lipstick is diva from MAC

I always thought about being this rich herbal witch, twirling like Stevie Nicks and bad ass like Courtney Love. Her number one love? Dead flowers. She's widowed and has learned to embrace death. She haunts the fields waiting for her turn to die, watering the ground with her black blood. 


Pink Dress from COS, White sunnies from a vintage store in Amsterdam, Mermaid Bag from TitinaStore, seashell earring from Singapore and beaded ruffle choker DIY 

Sunshine and sea is all I need right now, with my exams coming soon and 4 garments to finish! A girl can only dream of being the mermaid cruisin' the seas chillin' with the fishies. I always fancied mermaids yet I hated Disney's Little Mermaid. In the original story she dies and is reduced to seafoam when the Prince marries someone else. Moral of the story? Well don't teach your little girls to give up their identities for some mortal man. Be a strong independent mermaid who's proud of her tail! Who needs legs when you can live amongst gorgeous fishes and shiny seashells?

I'll leave you with some summer tunes from Miami Horror:



Sweater from Weekday, and p.s. my glasses are real  

It's strangely quite warm right now but extremely windy..... gets quite scary when the wind hits so hard my windows shake. Almost Christmas I hope my online shopping gets in on time! But so lucky to be spending christmas with a good friend and her sister. Would love to be back in singapore with my fam and friends but homework calls. Last year I went home it was a baaaad idea I had so much work and everyone wanted to hang out I couldn't cope?? But yeah Merry Christmas guys x 



It's been a long time. Second year started pretty insanely and i even got an art block because I was just thrown so far out of my comfort zone and left to struggle in the ocean. But i've recovered well so far. It's now christmas vacation and I spend a whole day watching Evangelion and cleaning up my room. A few hours later I can finally see the carpet of my room again. I'm sure that if you give me a show to be addicted to, it'll be as good as travelling the world. I literally immerse myself into the world of the show and when it's over I still obsess about it for days. It's like I was part of it, and the characters were my friends. Hard to say goodbye as always.

I also got my septum pierced a month ago out of pure stress and disappointment in my work. I always thought high school was challenging but who knew university would be even tougher righ?? But oh well I cannot imagine doing something else. Really.

Will bring more updates this holiday! Bye for now x.



Jacket: Vintage from Episode in Amsterdam, diy cropped turtle neck, Monki cropped high waist jeans (like the best jeans ever for short people)

Hey look my jacket matches the cushions on my couch! 

 I passed first year with regrets on my performance in the second semester. None of that when I start second year in september though. The weather has been soooo good here in holland, sunny but cool enough for layering. Though i miss wearing single layers. Flying home tomorrow, got chocomel for those who've tasted this little piece of heaven. It's funny how at first I was really into chocomel, stroopwafels and other dutch snacks but it wears off after a few months. Snacking is the root of all weight gain. Believe me, I maintained my weight throughout the year by eating mainly fruit for snacks. Fashion either makes you skinny or fat. It's pretty much the extremes, hardly the in between. 

In other news, looking forward to all the good food. Which should I start with? Nasi Lemak, Hor fun, Laksa, Chicken Rice......................