The cat returns

Film stills from The Cat returns, a cat shirt, a ring choker custom made and shorts I ripped and studded myself from old jeans

End of exams and totally gonna fail HL math test, so sure of it. Anyway, I went out shopping to release hurt/pain of not being able to do logarithms. (SERIOUSLY I THOUGHT I WAS OVER THIS!) When I got home I watched The Cat Returns. Ghilbi films always have that fantastical magical element in every film. I am always left with deep impressions in my head at the end of every show! This show makes cats look really, really charming. I never thought animals would be charming, but damn, Baron was a charming character indeed. The white cat-Yuki, looks alot like this beautiful white cat with blue eyes in my neighbourhood. She recognizes me and the last time I saw her she just plopped down at my feet and rolled about. Adorable~

I am so glad I got my choker at long last. I had an obsession with chokers when I was....12? And the ones I own are studded and pretty rusty from at least 5 years of being exposed to sunlight and oxygen. I think I'm getting into my phase again.

So tired from walking around town all day. Here's a song for sleep.


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