Ghost world: ENID's STYLE

Sometimes I wonder if I'm secretly Enid Coleslaw. The whole "I hate the world, no really, everyone sucks" attitude about people in general, and of course, high school. Clearly, Enid is an outsider, but sometimes I can't help but feel that I'm just not...normal at times. She does look like a big fan of the thrift stores. Plus, she's amazingly good at art. I also happen to own glasses like hers. AND I draw on people's faces when I'm bored in class. (refer to the 2nd last picture) My previous school made us subscribe to these Chinese magazine thingamajigs. I never liked the drawings in them, so I'd draw over them to amuse myself.

I AM OBSESSED WITH THE GREEN HAIR. But aside from Enid's style, this movie is amazing. It's just what I feel about life, basically. The ending was perfect. Not gonna spoil it for you, but this is a must watch. Must watch 10 times.


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