Red Dragon Flies

Watched Red Dragonflies in the theaters yesterday with friends. It happened to be a film by one of the arts teachers in school. The overall feel of this movie was nostalgic. The movie shifts back and forth between a journey of 3 friends along the abandoned railways of Singapore and the older versions of them, living separate lives. It got quite confusing after a while and the movie ended quite..oddly, its not a typical film where there IS a proper plot and ending. When it ended almost EVERYONE including myself were like, "WHAT THE HELL!?" but somehow we got to meet our teacher afterward and we had an "artist talk" with him! I got a clearer idea what the film was about and here's my interpretation (if you've watched it and have no clue what it's about, don't worry, you didn't waste 8 bucks. It was completely worth it, I swear! )

I feel that it's about lost relationships with people that you meet. You knew these people long ago, somewhere somehow in your teenage youth. But when you grow up and live your own separate lives, you seem to lose this connection with that you once had with this person. No matter how close, there is this aspect that will forever be lost. It will always exist as a memory, and a memory only.

Painful, but beautiful.


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