Self Made

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"If you were in a film, would you play yourself or a character? Call Gillian."said an ad in the newspaper placed by Gillian Wearing, the artist of this work. A group of people were selected amongst hundreds and they underwent method acting classes. In the end, they told their life stories. 

I would say this was extremely extremely EXTREMELY intense. I even felt like crying at some of the emotions displayed in the film. I will remember this for life. In fact I wished I could undergo the same training. We all have a story to tell. A story untold, that no one would probably be interested. No one bothers to make an effort to understand someone else, because it simply takes up too much time and effort. But what everyone on this earth wants, is for someone to understand them, really. These are real people with real emotions with real stories to tell. It was an authentic film. No Hollywood explosions or fluff. 

I would say it felt anthropological at times but I realized that it was about discovering one's identity, by getting in touch with the inner self. How often do we stop to think why we are the way we are? How often do we stop to think about how to solve our problems and move on? Rarely we do this. We don't even want to acknowledge our true selves in fact. This film has showed the importance of getting in touch with your true self. Too often we face the world with this split self-the self that everyone knows and sees. That self tends to take over most of the time and we forget who we really are. Through this film, some people have found managed to overcome some problems in their lives. They discovered their deepest fears, desires and themselves. For me, through art I discovered basically my whole self. Without it, I guess I would have been the same person I was long ago. 

So discover yourself. Watch this film, and be inspired.


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