Singapore Biennale: Candice Breitz

Factum, 2010
7 dual-channel and one three-channel video and sound installation
Durations Variable

Factum is a work that involves interviews with twins who volunteered through ads in the papers and on Craigslist. What I actually find interesting was that my personal artwork started to take a turn for twins and deformities. I found pictures on flickr of conjoined babies and even two headed ducks. I guess I was lucky enough to see this work!
( via flickr )

The self is split in this case, where there will likely be conflicting views between the two personalities and sometimes even agreement as seen in Factum. As twins, there is a lack of individuality in many ways as there is a living copy of yourself living and breathing the same air as you. I've always wondered what it would be like to have a twin, but I'm so particular about individuality that sometimes I just hate it when someone wears the same clothing as I do. It irks me to no end. Even if you're my best friend.

I really liked the interview with the Kang sisters (first and second picture). They talked about being sort of "married" to each other. They couldn't imagine themselves without their twin. There is this attachment in a way that they seem almost like one whole person and not two parts. They even talked about how the twin satisfies all their basic human needs except for the sexual aspect. This idea does relate to those pictures of deformities I've seen and there is this symmetry in the deformation. It tries to come out each as an individual yet it still consists of the same person/animal. Pretty much like a split personality don't you think?


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