Weekends to look forward to:

Weekends of blue hair! I bought blue hair spray recently, because I'm still in school and I'm not allowed to have unnatural hair colours with a uniform.....I decided coloured hair spray was the way to go. I need some green (hopefully mint green) to complete the mermaid hair look I so desperately want when I graduate. Besides here's the weekend lineup: A concert organized by school for this weekend, a flea and Lasalle's fashion design graduation show.  LIFE SEEMS MORE INTERESTING NOW. (even though I still have my extended essay nagging at the back of my mind. Currently 0 out of 4000 words achieved)
And for next week, Saturday in Design exhibition. I got my pass in the mail. I feel cool now. 

Well of course you can sign up and receive a pass in your mail too especially if you're interested in interior, product and architectural design.  

I think I'm liking Foo Fighters right now. Gonna check out their other stuff soon.

..now back to working on my assignments..


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