Devil shoes

Holy hell, this is, beyond me. This is like, the most awesome DIY ever. And I wish that I had cobbling skills right now. In fact I think all girls should learn a thing or two on cobbling. Owning the perfect shoe would be...much easier, definitely.

These shoes make Jeffery Campbell and Charles Anastase look like design noobs. WHO NEEDS LITAS (not that I meant what I just said. You know, just sayin') 

These were the original shoes: a Pleaser/fetish shoe

The beauty of black. INDEED.

The process: Bondo was used to mold it into the desired heel shape and then sanded to perfection. Gosh, I never liked the process of sculpture since foundation year in school but I do admire sculptors who bring their works to 3D. Fashion is kinda sculpturish but I think I can manage that. I just have mild problems with viewing life in 3D. My whole art world basically revolves around 2D, where anything happens. Screw gravity

More pictures here: http://christeric.blogspot.com/2010/05/5-foot-8.html


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