Barfday, go and part the sea in Malibu.

Another year, though this time it was short, but at 19 we can all go crazy. 17 is such an awkward age, seriously you can't do anything illegal 'cept for an NC 16 movie. That's boring..
But I did have the best presents ever. Thank you guys. I feel loved. 

8tracks isn't working for me, but I did a playlist called "When you're 17 and you hate everyone". 

1. Legal Tender-B25s
2. Beautiful Ones-Suede
3. 1979-Smashing Pumpkins
4. Lounge Act-Nirvana
5. Drain you-Nirvana
6. Drain the Blood-The Distillers
7. Malibu-Hole
8. Rock Star-Hole
9. S.O.S.-Motley Crue
10. Vampire Money-My Chemical Romance
11. Undercover of darkness-The Strokes
12. Rebel Girl-Bikini Kill
13. Just Like Heaven-The Cure
14. Echoes-Klaxons
15. Beat your heart out-The Distillers
16. The Hunger-The Distillers
17. Animal-Miike Snow
18. Back and Forth-Foo Fighters

ps. Special thanks to Shawna for the pictures!


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