HOLY HELLLL. Stepping into the shop was like, heaven! But since not many people were in there, there was the awkward tension between me, my mom and the sales assistants. Very awkward indeed. I got the leather ones instead since rain screws up suede shoes. BUT I STILL WANT THEM ANYWAY. I was deciding between suede leopard (they didn't even have plain black suede, double soled IN MY SIZE) and these leather ones and decided to get the leather ones instead, since black matches everything. I'll get the suede leopards another time. I swear I'll have a collection of creepers in the future. I feel sad for not having suede creepers but I'm satisfied with the fact that the rain won't destroy my leathers. Maybe I can find cheap demonias on ebay.......................

Other than that, I also got myself the Ghost world graphic novel. My life is even more complete. I love Enid to death.


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