Dolly Kei/ Cult party girl

I've been obsessed with this look for a long time, but never knew it's name! I love it to bits and I'm considering stocking up on nude colours and white lace. I recently found a dolly-kei style dress in the thrift stores, but it had holes that need to be patched up, hopefully my mom can fix it. But the cool thing about this look, is that it's a more "wearable" and dreamier style of Lolita. It's amazing how fashion is influenced by different looks. Fashion itself isn't original and that fascinates me: finding the origins of fashion looks. I mean, haven't you thought of how the goth subculture started? The gothic period had nothing to do with "darkness" to begin with....

Today's my birthday, had a fun time with friends, and celebrating my birthday officially tomorrow with my other group of girl friends! Got some pretty cool gifts, a bag, a dress, creepers, ghost world comic book, cat ears and tail cosplay set and perhaps more to come. I even found a workable film camera with flash that I'm gonna bombard with stickers for tomorrow! I'll develop the pics and post them. Sadly I have to work on my essay today. FML. But other than that, I'm looking forward to my little movie marathon till midnight featuring Heathers, Romy and Michelle's high school Reunion and maybe The professional.


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