Danger days

Transfixed by Chris Burden
He nails himself to a car, mimicking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

 Shoot by Chris Burden
He got someone to shoot him in his left arm with a gun.

Rhythm 0 by Marina Abramovic 
"She stood totally passive for six hours while members of the public were allowed to do whatever they wanted to her. Chains, feathers, a Polaroid camera, olive oil, razor blades, an axe, a rose, a bullet and a gun were among the objects set out on a table nearby." (Guardian) She almost got shot when a member of the audience put a gun to her head. 

What do you think of such performance art? Is it worth it to put your life on the line in order to communicate meaning? I think it is worth it, the more extreme, the bigger the impression on the viewer.


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