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I stumbled across this awesome blog called Dealing with 90s while going on my usual procrastination rounds (BUT I FOUND A WAY TO STOP IT). It basically covers every memory of the 90s. Gosh, the things I'd do to revive my childhood. Well obviously, I do wish I was a teenager in the 90s because it was then when HOLE and Nirvana and all the good music were at it's peak. Courtney Love is now being accused of being a psycho bitch, which she is not.

So I browsed it and came up with a top 10 list of 90s memories: (in no particular order, with some of my own)

1. Animorphs. Holy crap, EVERYTIME I entered the library to find some lame girly books (with pink covers, to be exact) I would come across this series and it scared the shit out of me. It looked horrible and disgusting. I wanted to borrow it once just to know what it was about but I guess I never dared. Looking at it now, the cover itself seems like an inaccurate depiction of the evolution theory. Still creeps me out though.

2. Let's just say I was musically uncool back then (and listened to classical and Britney Spears) so I never heard the spice girls. But those platform shoes, I've seen them, and hated them. They just had a really hideous aesthetic to them, but it kind of intrigued me in a way. Currently, I. LOVE. THOSE. SHOES. I wish they still sold them, especially in pastel blues and pinks. It's very cyber-goth and probably still a hit in Japan right now, judging from the design of Tokyo Bopper's belly button shoes. I could just go to Japan specially to buy platform shoes. DANG. Graduation trip, anyone?

3. Ah, Pinky and Brainy. I still think that Brainy looks like bulldog.

4. Well I REMEMBER THIS...I guess science shows sparked an interest in me for science. Though these shows tend to focus mainly on physics and chemistry- which I unfortunately did realllly badly in.

5. Polly Pocket. The best toy in the world! I have 2 sets of vintage polly pockets and I'll never throw those away, ever. Have you seen the new ones? (which I have a set of ) They are hideous. HELLO? It's called Polly POCKET. You are supposed to bring her whole house with her when you wanna bring her out. The concept has been ruined. 

6. Jubei Chan the ninja girl. Back when they actually showed GOOD anime on television. One of my favourite anime, definitely not of the magical girl style because of the serious ninja fighting skills she possesses when she puts on the lovely eyepatch. I remember making that pink heart-shaped eyepatch for myself. Then came season 2 with more high quality graphics and a BLUE eyepatch. It still was a good series, with even better ninja fighting scenes. 

7. Mummies Alive! Oh my god. THIS. I had an obsession with mummies, I had books about mummies and I would read about the embalming process over and over and over again. No wonder I have a fascination with dead people. 

8. Medabots. Next best thing from Jubei Chan, would be this. I remember CRYING because my mom didn't allow me to watch it. One episode makes a huge-ass difference in my mood. Oceana was my favourite, though she only appeared for 2 episodes I think? Mermaid type robot, obviously. 

9. Akazukin Cha Cha. My favourite magical girl series. It's hilarious and it has sparkly magical-transformation-pink swords-eye candy. The newer magical girl series' are so dumb, I can't even-

10. Disney Movies.  Every girl has seen it, in fact, all of it. Though my education has been ruining the fantasy world I used to enjoy "living in" ( I have a disney on ice princess crown). Unfortunately I've become cynical about Disney and fairytales. And I think Ariel was pretty stupid to want to be human. 


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