Hussein Chalayan and Vivienne Westwood S/S 2012

Images from Style.com

FIRST OF ALL I MUST SAY THIS: I want to be Vivienne Westwood when I grow up.

This collection reminded me of a mix of things, mainly: Ethnic-Wood land creature-Geisha-Rebel-Bride in rad platform heels. Clearly some influences are of Chinese and Japanese origin from the styling of the clothing and also the some of the prints. The makeup was very Clown meets Geisha alright, but a little more messed up geisha-clown like how KatieJane Garside would wear her Geisha makeup (if she did have the chance to put on any). Come to think of it, the bride at the end was a perfect way to end off the show, as if the other models in the clothing were her guests to the wedding.  Rebellious, kind of crazy, quirky cool guests. I'd like those kind of guests at my wedding. Platform shoes would be the dress code!

Moving on to something a little more muted, Hussein Chalayan Spring Summer 2012. Silhouettes were clean, the first few minimalist pieces emphasized more the construction and form of the clothing and it was a good move. Hussein Chalayan claimed this collection and runway was "abstract". I wouldn't really say it was abstract but I liked the models who pretended to be drinking champagne in the background while looking at the circle of rainbow lights on the white wall. They kind of reminded me of people in an art gallery, dressing up for an event where their clothes also look like canvases-plain but elegant. The collection later progressed on to clothing with translucent fabric panels with floral fabric peeking out. It was a nice touch. Last but not least, I absolutely love the reflective rainbow skirt! HERE I TOOK A SCREENSHOT IN CASE YOU "MISSED" THE SPARKLE. (How could you have missed that anyway) 

In other news, I've been having my end year exams. Pretty screwed up with last minute studying and bullshitting during essay writings. I basically bullshat most my essay for today's Anthropology test. I think I'm starting to grasp gender studies, but only so much. But other than that, the apocalypse is coming, Higher level Math this friday and monday. Way to gooooo, I'm sitting here watching seasons of Daria (yes, even when I'm supposed to be studying) and America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 (ALLISON!!) But if I make it for the promo exams, I promise to work harder next year. *Hint to God*


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