The Lion King

Leopard print Vintage dress from Japan, Lace head band, mom's vintage bag, floral socks and creepers

Finally caught The Lion King! Brought back 101 memories of my childhood. Well I was pretty blur about the whole story line, it's been like years since I last watched The Lion King. (I think I've not watched Lion King 2 yet) But the 2 characters I'll always love and remember are Timon and Pumbaa. I enjoyed watching their little series on television. I wonder if they still have bits of that floating around youtube.

Oh and finally I got my plum lipstick. I bought a black one too:
So it's been a lazy week, and a lazy weekend too. But I have to get back into the reality of work, even after the exams, I have my art examination coming up, then an exhibition, service learning and so on. Exams may be over, but not the IB program. Oh well, back to the grind.


  1. i've never seen the lion king, i don't know why but i even don't want to see this
    nice bag!

  2. sick dress (︶▽︶) and loooove your creepers!

  3. @Alexandra you should see it! and thank you c:
    @themilkclub thank you XD I like your creepers too!
    @patrickwilde-welde thank you very much!