Plum/wine lips

So I've been thinking of emptying my closet of all the lame getups I used to wear and to truly have a closet that is "me". The thought of having pretentious clothing kind of irks me. Right now, seems like only the dress section is perfect. I look at it and I can't decide what to wear because I just love every dress I own. Then comes the question of how do I maintain that witchy-punk rock vibe without looking overdressed with cross jewelry (way too common these days) to match my kinderwhore dresses. So the idea of Plum/Wine or even black lips came to mind. Makeup as an accessory, as a statement would work very well. It says something.

So it's decided, I'm going to get some (Not one. SOME. Okay maybe 2.) lipsticks of various shades on the last day of my exams. I feel so excited I refuse to practice math. Anyway the inspiration came from Rodarte's 2008 collection, the one people described as the "witches and fairy queens" collection.



  1. i adore dark lipsticks, i have only one but it's nice colour and i love it

  2. @Alexandra: Glad you found a good colour. I bought 2 so far, but it's not perfect yet!