Dick (1999)

Favourite style moments from this movie set in the early 70s.
Let's not forget the hippie headbands
and plastic raincoats!
So much style in one movie: it was SO PERFECT!! A few jokes about the word "dick" as well. A must watch.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been stressing over my math assignment for a week, acting like a zombie and furiously typing away, not even knowing what the heck I was typing. I kind of never want to do math ever again. Or see numbers. But just to round up, some things I've bought recently:

Clockwise: Vintage sunglasses, $6 ankle boots, H&M hat, pretty socks from Daiso and seashore scented candle

The boots were amazing, they fit like a glove, maybe a little too tight but they were pretty cool. I found a great shop in Chinatown selling a load of sunnies, some of them were vintage and all sorts of other junk. In other news I'll be heading to Philippines for 16 days, won't be posting for a while... it's not a holiday though, school trip. Speaking of holidays, it is school break for me currently and I plan to take up knitting....hope all that goes well.

Check out this cover of Smashing Pumpkins' 1979, it's refreshing while still retaining that nostalgic feel of the original:

And do check out Youth Lagoon's Year of Hibernation album. It is the best thing to sleep to, perfect for a rainy day indoors and a good book.

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  1. oh i need to see this movie! i'm trying to watch every single movie starring kirstin at the moment. so many great looks~ and i love her choker