Pointy platforms

Tokyo Bopper knock offs I found yesterday! Isn't it pretty? These will satisfy me for the time being, before I get my hands on real Tokyo Boppers someday. A girl can never have too many platform shoes. I'm eyeing sneaker platforms next.

Sorry for the lack of updates since...last year. I've been pretty busy ever since school started again. It's my final year and I'm dying to finish it. Been loaded with assignments and finally I get a "break"for Chinese New Year - during which I will be doing my homework.

I also got tickets to this year's Laneway festival! I thought I wouldn't be going but I guess taking a day off school work would do my mental health some good. The lineup this year was too good to resist. Twin Shadow, Cults (who are opening to the show), The Horrors, Girls and more. Just hoping it won't rain like it did last year. Left my friends and I in a muddy mess.

Also recently I started to crochet wire for my new art work. I never gave it much thought of how I'd like the final piece to look like, but it kind of developed into this perhaps kind of phallic looking sea creature or as my classmate described: "Wire condom". Wire crocheting is a lot tougher than crocheting with wool. It does hurt your hands, but it's so worth it. I just like how wire creates structure and comes up with such strange looking forms that do not look anything like a garment- something related to fashion, after all crochet is a fashion technique.


  1. *O* woah where did you find them? they look great! ohh i need to get tickets to laneway, thank you for reminding me. the lineup looks pretty awesome this year~

  2. @Themilkclub Hmm i'm not sure how to describe the place..it's like a permanent street market in singapore! You can find it online too especially on taobao.com. Pretty sure they're made in china. Yes the lineup IS awesome this year! Grab your tix c:

  3. Absolutely fantastic!!! You have an amazing blog! You're brilliant! Have a great weekend! :-)