A splurge of Hope

1st picture: My splurges of January, a total of almost $70 on CDs. But it was worth it, got some 80s-90s junk: Pearl Jam's Ten, Nirvana's Incesticide (one of my favourite albums aside from the Nevermind), Garbage's Bleed Like Me and Jesus and Mary Chain album set!

2nd picture: These cds aren't mine, but my teacher's. I swear though, I am officially a fan of Mazzy Star. Clockwise- So Tonight That I might See, She Hangs Brightly and Among my Swan. Hope Sandoval is absolutely gorgeous, and has great style, if you observe some live videos. Her voice will put you to sleep and maybe make you cry when you're emotionally vulnerable. Currently I have "Fade into You" on repeat.

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  1. Buying awesome CD'd: you are doing it amazing.