When we're dancing

Knit dress from United Colours of Benetton, Doc Martens, Teen mermaid necklace and crochet tattoo choker, fourskin bag

~~*Gwen Stefani plz lurve me*~~

Laneway 2012 absolutely AMAZING. Not much rain unlike last year, only so much as a drizzle but blazing sun I got sunburnt on my back... Bought a CULTS shirt (ah, satisfaction right there). Favourite acts were Twin Shadow and The Horrors. Twin Shadow, was, absolute perfection. Crazy dancing going on, and George throwing his guitar on stage, and later giving it to a girl in the front of the crowd. I'm jelly of her. They played all my favourite songs! As for the Horrors, Faris and Rhys were just so good looking my goodness they really ROCKED it out. I thought the Horrors really did deserve a concert of their own. Hopefully next year's lineup would include: Black kids, Metric, Passion pit, Twin sister and Amazing baby. I can only hope.

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  1. Ooh the concert sounds fantastic! I've never seen a musician smash their guitar, but I'd like to! :D