Silk collared top, thrifted cardigan, self-studded bag, hat from H&M, highwaisted shorts, doc martens

IT'S NICE AND COLD OUT THERE. Rainy weather rituals: Incense, candles, soup, tea and of course, knitting. With all the homework piling up unfortunately hibernation isn't an option. I really do envy some of my friends who just hibernate for days (well, obviously they're not in the IB so they don't have that guilt). GUILT FOLLOWS ME EVERYWHERE. Every second I'm not doing work it's almost like I feel bad all the time.

In other news, I found a pair of cross earrings at a satisfactory price and size at long last! Also some good music:*~dreamy shoegaze~*
Beach House's Myth, Curve's Horror Head and The Cocteau Twin's Bluebeard


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