Philippines Film Roll

Sorry for the lack of updates, been extremely busy. But finally I have a break....So here's some of the pictures I took in Cebu, Philippines that I finally developed after so long! (I was broke for a period of time due to overspending) I really do miss the people and the place! The little girl beside me in the last photo was super adorable! Everytime I see her I'd pretend to "shoot" her (over there, the sound of a gun is "BU-SHING" apparently) and she'd do the same, aww. Her eyes are HUGE! Not very visible here, the sun was really bright at that time. And yes my school mates, a local and I painted the mural behind. 3 days of hardwork paid off, the villagers loved it.

More updates coming this week because I have time to go out now!

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  1. Such a lovely set of photos! My best friend was from there I've always been interested in seeing different pieces from there- always reminds me of her! Thanks for sharing!

    Amber @ the time child