Lilac Kimono

Bought a lilac kimono on friday. I found a really cool shop! It's great to shop at unexpected areas to find unexpected things. Scout around Rochor, Little India and even your neighbourhood markets, you'll find really interesting things. I found a pretty retro looking dress and a crop top at my neighbourhood market for $5 (yes, both items). IT WAS THRILLING because you'd never expect it at all!

Have a good weekend, catch some of your favourite bands at Coachella live on youtube. Had great fun watching M83, Mazzy Star, Destroyer, YUCK, Arctic Monkeys and Buzzcocks! Dayum Alex Turner has gotten really hot all of a sudden.

By the way watch this: Japanese kids already rocking out at such a young age they are too cute, your future Jrock band I'm sure of it. No subs though, all I understood was that the lead singer really liked guitar.


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