Bought a wine coloured faux velvet dress, a peter-pan collared dress (very Wednesday Addams) and also a gorgeous sequined shawl. I think the shawl is the best thing I've ever bought. Certainly adds to the witchy vibe. By the way my studded choker is starting to rust, but it's a cool look to be honest I might just seal the rust with some varnish.... The wine faux velvet dress seems kind of plain, I'm thinking of adding some surface textures to it, sequins, studs, spikes, anything I can think of. Been obsessed with reconstructing surfaces, crocheting stuff onto knits, it's just so interesting to make a surface more 3D in a way.

Check out this awesome video from TEETH, can you imagine "printing" someone? How cool is that

P.S. thinking of your future can be really stressful, so many design colleges out there, I'm torn between studying in the US and the UK. And then there's scholarships, bonds, money...... want 2 sleep n never wake up.


  1. Can we bff and share clothes? K.THXS.BUH-BAI. XO

  2. Love love love your style, I added you to my favs! xx

  3. you have awesome style girl! Nice blog :) good luck on deciding where to study. I know it can be tough. oh and before I go.. love that black dress with the white collar.