Dippin' blood on those kawaii socks

So I tried it out, blood drippin' nails. Too bright to be blood in my opinion, sucked that my dark red dried up to look like thrombus (I have been paying attention in biology ok, thrombus=blood clot). Any suggestions for some cool nails?

Also, bought these pretty pink socks! My friend pointed them out we checking out some socks in the store.

Attended Jesus and Mary Chain's concert last night, had a blast! I got a nervy b, or in my words, stomach anxieties. I get that everytime I'm either nervous or excited. I felt like throwing up, restless and I did't have much of an appetite (starting from breakfast). It's kinda that feeling when you FINALLY get to go to your fav band's concert? Though I must honestly say they didn't seem really happy with the crowd's responses. Most people were just...standin' around, waiting for some Psychocandy to be played. If you're looking for a pretty accurate review that I agree with, read here. Well then again, it ain't the 80s anymore. Next up: Passion pit! Unfortunately their concert clashes with GARBAGE. Raged about it for 2 days. Still upset! Shirley I'm sorry... but I got Passion Pit tix already.

Enjoy some Automatic, ma fav:


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