It's called Obsession. Can you handle it?

Obedient Wives Club shirt, Uniqlo Trousers,Salmon coloured cardi, M)phosis Bag Smiley socks and underground creepers

Been into Barbie Movies once again and not too long ago I watched Barbie's Mermaid Tale 1 and 2 they were so gooooood! Bad guys always piss me off though they get me screaming at my computer screen. Andandand let's not forget Winx Club Secret of the Lost Kingdom. For some reason everyone loves "secrets" and "lost" islands/places/etc. it just makes us all curious and excited like "OOOooooO what's this LOST KINGDOM OMGGGG!!" But that movie really brought closure to my childhood (i've always always wondered what happened to Bloom's real parents till now. Yes it's true).


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