Guess striped shirt, New Look studded beret, thrifted high waist jeans, thrifted belt, backpack I owned when I was about 10

Yesterday I got the urge to re-play my favourite childhood game after seeing a brochure of Legoland opening in Malaysia. I actually played Lego Island 1 and 2 on CD loooong ago but now that my windows has upgraded and I use a mac 99% of the time, I've resorted to youtube walkthroughs. Boy do I miss those days of chasing the Brickster. Just look at it isn't the game landscape kinda creepy the sea is endless and there are a bunch of weird things on the island, if I remember I've seen sharks moving on land chasing dogs. Isn't that weird?? I love it. 

I've shied away from jeans for so long but finally, high waisted jeans are my new love! HIGH WAIST OR DIE. Can't help but feel those low waisted pants were kinda trashy I mean they show your butt unintentionally--so unkawaii. 

I attended the Japanese Film Fest yesterday! Caught "I Wish" and "Death of a Japanese Salesman". Absolutely loved "I Wish" but it got weird when the little boy carried his dead dog in his bag for a day hoping that his wish would come true and his dog would come alive again. "Death of a Japanese Salesman" really reminded me of my grandpa.. 

Well anyway for those of you who've shared memories with Lego Island, you'll probably remember the music played: (what a tear jerker!!!)

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