Black Turtle Neck, Cross Necklace, Plaid Skirt, Chunky Platforms, Lace Socks, Mum's leather bag

IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME, PEOPLE OF THE LIVING WORLD. Just cooped up in my room watching buffy and half-studying that's why I've not seen the sun for some time.. but I saw sunlight yesterday when I went for another exhibition at a law firm. (oooOO) it was classy you bet. I get paranoid when I wear plaid skirts because they scream JAPAN or COSPLAY don't you think?

Everyone head over to Wavehouse at Sentosa on Sunday, beach partay and good music starting 2pm onwards. My friends from Juice In My Guitar are performing and they promise an amazing set! BE THERE! Meanwhile I have to think of what to wear because my closet consists mainly of black dresses (and i just bought another) and stuff that usually scares people away so.............

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  1. Aww, now whenever I wear a plaid skirt, I'm going to think Japanese school girl. D: