Double Whammy

 Thrifted Dress, Lace Socks, Platforms from online, Red backpack, Baby Blue Harinezumi 3, Custom made choker, (last picture) My new white spiked baby 

Finally, exams are over!!! (late late late in reporting this but anyway Free by the Martinis plays in the background). Holla back in town after 7 days in Paris (its 1am here and awake because it's evening in Paris right now). Here's a double outfit show for you. Got a new choker made and it's white and super cute. I dyed my hair a midnight blue but it turned out a really dark green in the end. I love it though it can only be seen in light otherwise it's just black. Speaking of new things I also bought myself a Harinezumi 3 toy digital camera. Lo-fi photo heaven, 3 megapixels and way handy. Will upload some Paris photos tomorrow when I get to listen to French music all day and sip some tea I got in paris while recovering from jet lag. In case you're wondering, Paris was Très Bien. Watch this space for more about Paris and perhaps even where to head to when you're there.

Thrifted Vintage Dress (i'm guessing from the 80s), Mom's Clutch, Legit spectacles I wear on a daily basis (which are currently broken. Broke 'em in Paris. Genius. ) 

Attended my teacher's wedding. She wore a Comme Des Garcons dress (YES from the White Drama collection) and I swear half the wedding guests were singaporean designers, mostly from the company FARM well since she is a designer herself, marrying another designer seems right (and having designer guests) and awfully cute at the same time.

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