Force Fed Art

Day Four: Museum day one. Visited the Institut du Monde Arabe museum, Notre Dame (THE VIEW IS AMAZING but climbing 400 steps up the tower was a marathon), Le Pantheon and the Arc de Triomphe (another 200 steps probably). At Notre Dame we all met Steven the bird man and he gave us some crumbs to feed the birds. Bird literally stood on my hand to get some goodies! It was the coolest experience. He also showed us his asian girlfriend(s) which was pretty sweet. A tip though: if you're gonna be consuming museums, do get a 2 day museum pass! Saves you a lot. 

Day Five: I HUNG OUT WITH MONA LISA Y'ALL. Visited the Louvre and Pompidou andddd my Harinezumi ran out of battery thus limited pictures on this one. Literally was force fed art that day and my legs were SO tired at the end of the day. 


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