Paris is Burning

Dddddday one: Visited the Eiffel Tower and went to the Les Puces De Saint Ouen flea market. The flea market sold loads of antiques and vintage clothing, though quite expensive. Saw a lovely velvet dress for 120 euros and my heart weeped... However my friends and I came across an interesting store with old vintage trinkets like hair brushes and doll eyeballs and we spent some money there instead. 

Here's a video of a live performance in a really rad cafe near the flea market. The singer looked a lot like Edith Piaf! 

Day Two: First stop, the cemetery. We don't really have cemeteries in singapore because of space constraints so it was definitely a refreshing sight. Came across the graves of some famous people like Edith Piaf and Chopin. Next was the Louis Vuitton Espace where there was an exhibition going on, pretty cool artworks unfortunately no pictures were allowed. 

Day Three: 
We visited the Louis Vuitton workshop for special orders aka their famous trunks for travelling. It's amazing how much care and quality they put into making these trunks. Someday when I go into design I want to uphold a high standard of quality in my own work as well. If I remember correctly, we also visited Rue des Rosiers where I came across a vintage store (actually my shopaholic friend came across it first and then I found out through her numerous and heavy looking shopping bags...) called Coiffeur Vintage. Bought a 10 euro vintage dress and a 10 euro vintage overalls. My other friend got herself a drool worthy leather coat that made her look like a spy especially with her beret. But anyway this store is definitely worth a visit. Fur coats for 25 euro and leather coats for 35 euros what's not to like? If I do manage to get a spot in dream school (just 1 hour away from Paris) I'll be visiting Paris every summer! Nearby the store was also a Falafel restaurant. Now I get what Abed Nadir (from community) keeps talking about... 

More adventures coming up in the next post!


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