Pimp My Room

Watching Charmed has inspired me in many ways, from the outfits to decor to attitudes (I had a season 4 marathon with my friend yesterday, 8 hours non-stop action!!). But this particular episode was REALLY cool. Paige went back to the past to get rid of the guilt of her parent's death and she landed back in her teenage room which was an absolute DREAM. Some inspiration down below, including Clarissa's room and Sabrina's room. 
 Every teenage room needs a band/idol poster 
 Bust surrounded by candles, shrine potential. 

 One of those living dead dolls
 Note the wing, mannequin and creepy mask!?

 Mannequin's foot and candles (where did she GET this stuff??)
 This is my absolute favourite just look at it, and again, surrounded by candles.
 That's a pretty cool necklace holder. Paige Matthews was defo a cool teen.

And here we have Clarissa's room:
 Car license plates on the walls (they sell those street signs in Parisian fleas jsyk)
 Check out the hat wall 

 The No-Bro sign, where can you get that made? 

 Check out the awfully cute vanity

In Sabrina: 

Sabrina definitely has a witchy room, the moon and stars motifs on the furniture, and antique lamps. 

I love junk-yard looking rooms, my room has some potential but time to take it to it's full potential! At the same time I've loved minimalist style rooms and apartments. Thinking of a future dorm room or apartment design would be tough because half of me wants that minimalist look, and the other part wants a gypsy den. I hope I'll make up my mind by then. 

What do your rooms look like? Or are inspired by? Drop me a comment (and a picture)


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