New Year Resolutions

i. To be even more observant, and sensitive to details for art purposes.
ii. To become fluent in Dutch, and perhaps not neglect Mandrin
iii. To diligently pick up necessary skills i.e. sewing, pattern drafting
iv.To continue being a nail minimalist (started end of 2012) using either clear or clear-glitter nail polishes only
v. Expand my itunes/ipod library, fill it to the brim 160GB worth of music
vi. Complete Charmed and Buffy but not at the expense of everything else
vii.Take care of my pet cactus "succulent" for as long as possible (most things die at my hands)
viii. Create the most kick ass portfolio so that universities will accept me and I'll have the ultimate choosing power.
ix. To be calm even in times of high stress ( I foresee a lot of stress in university)
x. To have fun

2013 is the year I will most probably move out and be shipped off to another country. Living on my own, or in the company of a cat.