H&M hat, black turtle neck top, leather shorts, underground creepers 

If you've had an ambition, a dream, perhaps one day it'll be challenged. People may judge you and question your passion for your ambition. Self doubt and fear may stop you from achieving your goals but who are they to say you're not passionate? They don't know you like you do. And don't let that stop you from doing what you love most. Quoting Little Miss Sunshine: "Do what you love and fuck the rest". It's all that matters. Make it work. Had this experience lately, a few days of self doubt but that cleared up quickly... 

One of my friends left for university in Australia yesterday (;A;) , doing interior design. It's scary to know how one by one all of us are just going our separate ways but inspiring because we're following our dreams. I'll be moving off in July, and spending my birthday (for the first time) alone, in a different country. Definitely an experience though I accept Skype parties?? 


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