Sarah Burton, we need to be BFFS NOW

Images from Style.com

NEVER in all my years of breathing polluted air have I wanted a whole collection in my freaking wardrobe until today. Someone has finally done it and that person is Sarah Burton. I don't post much about designer collections (even though I'd love to post about Comme Des Garcons all the time and build a shrine for Kawakubo all over the world) but THIS! THIS IS IT!! 

Every female icon in a powerful position is here, right in this damn collection. Ice Queen/Princess, Dark Priestess, Witch, Russian Princess, Vampire, Angel.....The whole good vs. evil thing? Can I also add that the minimal makeup and hair is absolutely perfect. Everything about the collection, the way it is shot is just so perfect. I am in tears. AND last but not least the use of BLACK WHITE AND RED. You'll never go wrong with this colour combination. EVER. Personal experience. View the full collection on Style.com. Please. You're welcome. 


  1. Even the model looks vampiric! :> Love the collection!