Thrifted Jacket and Jeans, Tattoo Choker, Underground Creepers and Bustier top from Haji Lane

HOLY SHIT GRIMES was like listening to an alien babe-goddess commanding the universe. I loved  her little pauses to talk to the audience, she is SO awkward it's too cute. And she wore shorts, t-shirt and slippers damn gurl you make it look so good. Got up close with her and she is gorgeous!! Not to mention sparkly. See how excited I look next to her.

I've been busy lately (always busy), applying for stuff (I hate applying so bad) and being an art teacher. Rather enjoyable job--my first ever legit job, but I wouldn't do it for the rest of my life. I doubt it's my calling anyway. Also I got an iphone! Meaning you can now follow me on instagram @raebbies. Lemme leave you with some ~grimes~


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