Thrifted striped top, Uniqlo trousers, Mom's belt, 90s Chunky sandals from Etsy, Thrifted vintage shades

I am absolutely in love with my chunky sandals, however they've been mutilating my legs and have resorted to wearing them with cute socks instead.. 

Stripes will always be a staple in my wardrobe. For those days I really don't care what I look like, or when I just need a quick chill outfit, stripes are my first choice. Trousers too, they look presentable and they aren't that warm (in this heat). 

Lately I've been juggling "real life". Attempting an internship, trying to stay awake in dutch class and also keeping up with my teaching job. I'm practically working all week! Also not too long ago I visited an exhibition by Ye Shufang at the private museum. Worth a look, till June. In 2 months time I'll be travelling again, to Europe. Much excitement to explore the city of Antwerp but getting nervous because I'm taking the entrance exam to my dream school. Fingers crossed. 

Right now some Psychic Twin for you: (ever noticed how musicians with "Twin" in their stage name make really, really good music ie. twin shadow, twin sister, aphex twin?)


  1. ahh super cute sandals ugh and I love the combination of the loose fit tee with those pants and the chunky wide belt... basically love all of it !! ♥♥♥