Dress from COS store in Amsterdam, Chunky shoes from online, MUJI bag, My friend's copy of Lolita, MUJI thermos, Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Loose powder in 20 Clair, Macbook Pro, MUJI pencil case

Now that I feel that I cannot dress like a sloppy artist to the office, I've leveled up! My friend once said that she could never ever see me working in an office, wearing office wear and working 9-5. But here I am being an intern, working 4 days a week and in an office.. Luckily, I have way too many dresses that I've not worn, and they look cute and defo more apropro for the office. This dress in particular is my favourite. I first stepped into the COS store in Amsterdam and cried a little for it'll be my replacement of the lack of MUJI/Uniqlo in Europe. A little expensive, but definitely worth it. Can't wait to visit COS Antwerp next! COS is the one place you'll find beautiful minimalist clothing. (Thus also the Donald Judd background) 

Also, my MUJI bag is the best! Holds everything neat and tidy, and goes well with most outfits--a MUJI concept. While with western thinking we would label MUJI as "Minimalist" however for the Japanese, simplicity is known as "emptiness" to them. Interesting? Read more about that in Kenya Hara's Designing Design. Another thing I cannot live without: my MUJI thermos, keeps the tea hot at all times even with the freezing AC. What can you not live without when you're at work?


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