The Simple Life

Recently I've been looking at the state of my life in general. I have too much crap. You should check out my desk. And with the months flying by so soon, I'll be off to university in a foreign country where 4 seasons actually !exist! !omg! However..It is IMPOSSIBLE to lug everything in my room to my new apartment. It b r e a k s my heart that I can only bring SOME of my precious art books and CDs with me, the very special, golden ones I can't live without (i.e. my Hole and Jesus and Mary Chain CDs). After some reflection and listening to Ride's Nowhere on repeat, I've decided I will do my very best to lead a simpler life.. starting with skin care and hair care. I'm no beauty guru/expert or whatever you'll call it, but I'm defo a beauty experimenter. I've even considered making lil' mini beauty posts on here (nothing too grand!)...though I've got some tiny posts on my instagram, cute LINE app deco included.

In my effort to simplify my skin care and hair care routines, I've turned to oils. Purchased a bottle each of Jojoba oil and Sweet almond oil from this wonderful site, based in Singapore so you girlies living here can get your hands on some good stuff! I've been adding a few drops of Sweet Almond Oil (SAO) to my conditioner and even hair treatments and it's worked wonders! After I get out of the shower I'd still apply a few drops of SAO mixed with my curl cream. Makes my curls soft and bouncy~ In fact, because of this particular video , I decided that I might try giving up on shampooing all the time. She talks about using bar shampoo, also available on the site link above which i'm gonna give a try next! But Shampooing once a week??? Damn gurl, gross as it sounds, it makes sense. Besides, washing once a week sounds rather appealing when I get extremely busy. The concept of cleanliness was man-made to begin with. Our bodies have some kind of self maintaining mechanism that we've kind of screwed up along the way... 

As for Jojoba Oil, I'm still experimenting with what works best for me. Currently I'm trying the Jojoba Oil and raw honey combi and my skin is kind of purging out right now along the jawline which has not happened for a while. I will be following some of the tips from thelovevitamin.com, a great site about natural beauty care. Slowly but surely giving up on the chemicaly stuff I used to put on my face! I must say that my skin looks better and more even after implementing Jojoba Oil in my routines. Awesome stuff. I'll admit giving up on stuff you've used your whole life is a challenge but we all want to look good. Think about that. 

Next up, I'll be trying to simplify my closet. It's a little tough when you're young and still unsure of what you'd want to wear for the rest of your life. Great admiration for people who pull off having a minimalist closet of tasteful clothes. Buying more high quality things while owning less sounds quite appealing. I know of clothes that I'd wear 5ever. Those are keepers. 

Anywayo, I've decided to add more stuff to this blog, making it more about "life" I suppose? Perhaps I'll even refresh the deco on this site a lil~ 

P.S my new fave beauty site is xovain.com I mean what site is cool enough to make a tutorial on how to look like lindsay in her mugshots seriously?? 


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