Wednesday, Addams

Tattoo choker, muji dress, white tights, lace socks and underground creepers, tarts from Goossens (VERY LEKKER!!), MoMu ,Het Modepaleis and a book on my dear kawakubo

Shapeless and black, emitting Wednesday Addams vibes... Hello from Antwerp. Rather chilly so far but it's good weather to dress gloomy! Walked down Nationaalestraat and Kammenstraat today. My legs are aching as i type this on my iphone ( a lil tester for how far an iphone can replace a macbook ) but sitting infront of yummy pastries reminds me of good times in Paris. Counting down the days to my entrance exam, nervy nervy... Btw i fell in love with the bookstore at the Fashion museum. Bought the Antwerp Royal Academy and KABK's graduate magazines, always wonderful to see young talent in the making~ My fave from this year's Antwerp show is Minju Kim. Inspired by manga and Junji Ito, this designer made clothes that really stood out, thus winning the H&M design award! She really deserved it. If you can get your hands on the Show Off magazine there's an interview with her in there, worth a read. More updates on this trip via my instagram! 


  1. love love love your outfit! where can you get tattoo chockers? and i'm so jelly on your kawakubo book!

    1. Thank you! I got my tattoo choker from a costume store, maybe you might find one in a costume store as well? Ebay has some too. Unfortunately i didn't get the kawakubo book, its too heavy to bring it home :( i see you're a big kawakubo fan too! She's amazing huh

  2. I remember those chokers from when I was a kid!! haha I miss them x