Taken with expired film, and my new golden half camera.

I loved Antwerp, I pretty much fell in love with it. Antwerp is small, walking everywhere is a possibility and most of all, I felt safe. Also, Belgian chocolate is so yummy! It gives me comfort though, to know that I could always take a 2-3 hour train ride back to Antwerp from the Netherlands. Even though it was summer, some days were so chilly! What I've learnt is that wind is NOT your best friend in Europe. In Singapore, you would kill for just a teensy bit of wind here and there. Doesn't help when the wind is warm as well.

If you get a chance to visit Antwerp, some places worth the visit:

On my way to Kloosterstraat I passed by a second hand records and CDs shop, freaked out for 30 minutes in the shop and finally purchased cds from Oasis, Jesus and Mary Chain and Justice. It was a buy 3 get 1 free offer, which made choosing a lot easier.. Do check it out, if you somehow manage to find it! Kloosterstraat is home to numerous antique shops (antique furniture, books, you name it.), and I got a pair of lovely earrings from one of them. 

/Grote Markt
It's nice to take a walk around this area, it's big and touristy. There are many options for eating out over here especially when you have a hard time finding food. I think what I'll miss most about Singapore is the fact that I can find food anywhere, anytime for any price. Food is literally everywhere. In Europe, finding food is real tough.. Anyway around Grote Markt, there is a shop along Hoogstraat called "Gandalf". There was indeed a figurine of gandalf in there, as well as Lord of the Rings style music playing, and celtic jewelry for sale. Super cute and worth a look! 

/Nationalestraat, Meir and Kammenstraat 
Shop shopshopshopshopshopping. Also, along Nationalestraat is the famous Antwerp Royal Academy/Momu. The entrance exam was intense, I stressed up a lil, and eventually it became quite pleasant. 

/Korte Gasthuisstraat 
Walkable distance from Kammenstraat. You have no idea how familiar I am with the area now. A must try bakery called Goossens lies along this area and their tarts are y-u-m. A COS store also lies along this stretch. COS sales in July are worth waiting for. 

/Vintage Market on Oude Vaartstraat (if I'm not wrong, nearby Theaterplein)
Hidden in a building and open on weekends I think? Real lovely finds, shoes, bag and dress at 3 euros each! 

If you ever decide to visit Antwerp, be warned: Antwerp will make you fall in love with it, and perhaps it may even break your heart. 


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