Thrifted top, Striped pinafore from here, Platform sneaks from H&M

I said goodbye to my hair on the 3rd of August. 

Chop chop and my almost waist length locks dropped to the floor. It was a good feeling. It meant no more: 

/getting paint in my hair
/getting hair in my food
/getting weird things stuck in my hair
/getting my hair caught in weird corners of random places
/heavy weights when I work out

At first I was nervy about the hair cut and most of my friends thought I should just keep my hair. But I was aching for change, I felt tired that my hair had become part of my identity. For years I had shitty hair, and had always wanted long mermaid hair. I reached my goal eventually and it became a security blanket. The thing about turning to comforts, is that it can be strangling at the same time. When you let go, it's an amazing feeling. Of course, I don't feel like this hair cut has changed my life, but it has definitely opened up a new attitude towards change. What I really need. I thought that instead of just facing the big shock of going overseas and hiding behind the comfort of my extremely long hair, I should learn to adapt to change, to feel comfortable with change. I really do now, and I would love to keep my hair short in the future. I've even planned my next hair cut for summer 2014!

Life hack tip: Find a hairdresser you trust with all your heart, who knows your style. I usually ask for Japanese hair cuts and perms. My hairdresser's ace with those. 

P.S. Have you heard Suede's Bloodsports? There's still that distinct Suede style in this album, lovely lyrics and all. Unfortunately I'll be missing their show here in September. Maybe I could catch them in Europe. Definitely dying to see Courtney Love in Paris this november. It's the closest I've ever been to her and I just have to. 


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