Apartment Life: Take On Me

Thrifted Wool Flannel as coat, Muji Turtle Neck, Uniqlo Shorts, Mom's Belt, Thrifted Chunky maryjanes (FEAT MY CLASSMATE'S ARTWORK ON THE WALL)

It's been more than a month since I've been in the Netherlands. Really getting used to the cold but still I die in the wind. My hair is getting longer and I've decided to let it grow to my mermaid locks once again. I feel like change never really lasts with me, sometimes I go back to how I was before, and some other times I go in a completely different direction. Also I thought of plum purple hair......It'll be so good for Autumn /Winter, complete with a kiss of wine coloured lipstick. 

School has been good, I feel quite independent in my academic life for the first time. I find that putting effort into things and seeing things not as assignments but as exciting fun things really helps sustain me. At least there's no math formulas I have to memorize! It gets tiring (my bed is really, really, comfy), but I will survive~~ Little things make me happy though, like going to the market and picking up vintage chunky boots or looking at fur coats. Even just going to the asian supermarket to find familiar foods has its joy. 

A tour of my own place will come soon, this month... when I get to clean it up a bit. It's quite a mess right now because I'm working on many things at the same time. Things get crazy..Next update will come probably during my Autumn break. See you soon x 

p.s. new holy ghost! album please get a copy. now. 


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