On Loss

There are simply too many things that have come and gone in my life, and some that may come back again but it takes so long for it to even happen. So I'll start with 2 things that I really miss: 

My long hair. So much regret for chopping it off. I remember typing on this blog about how I wanted to let go of my hair because I didn't want it to define me. Well how wrong I was. It was part of me, why the hell should I get rid of something that's me? Everyday I wake up feeling like I lost myself and it really makes me confused about things. 

Secondly, my glasses. These glasses have been the best pair I have ever owned. Since I broke this pair by sitting on them in Paris, I've been buying different frames, never satisfied with just one pair. It seems like no other can replace this one. Damn I do stupid things.. 

In other news, university feels like high school currently. It's not that I ever got a normal high school education and experience. It's almost like high school for me was university. Not the course that I am studying, oh that I have no complaints. I like what I'm doing even if I'm dying to sleep all the time. It takes hard work and discipline which also means I'll probably neglect this blog for a long time. I should try to find a way to work around that, however. But I hope that I'll get over this sense of loss eventually, when things start finding their way back to me. 

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  1. ☆☆☆ your blog is so wonderful ☆☆☆
    glad 2 see you are doing well and being fancy!!!
    ~Ponana of Green Gables