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Overalls and top from Monki

ahahahha finally cleaned up my rooooom, and have found peace in plants, namely succulents and cactuses. I'm even thinking of a cactus and flowers inspired knit sweater for my second semester knitting class assignment. There's just something about these little spikey guys... they're pretty much self sustaining and almost gross looking. Check out those brain cactuses, i really really want one of those. MEGA GROSS LOOKING but so lovely.

Some nice additions to my room also include blue fur which i originally bought for my trench coat but ended up not using it in my design. It would have been a waste so I draped it over my sofa and it is s o c o m f y! I could totally do more to my room, to make it feel more at home. Got a sweet 90s vibe with the fur, but I don't really want a "themed" room. It should be an aesthetic that develops over time from my personal tastes (which is a blend of many things). 

Got me thinking about the idea of curating your life. Should you curate your life? Even in sketchbooks, people have the nicest neatest curated sketchbooks but in a way they look very unauthentic. Creativity shouldn't be rigid, it should flow and be as messy as you'd like it to be. I think that should apply to people with blogs too. I think I curated my blog a little too much previously, but now that I've decided to just post about whatever quirks that enter my life, I feel much better, and I feel a bigger sense of ownership of my blog. Even the layout itself, should flow organically with how a sketchbook should be done. That's it. 

Reflecting on life in fashion school so far, it's my last half semester block for school! Probably the biggest take aways so far:
1. How you present yourself, is extremely important. 
2. Take advice from teachers, but trust your gut more. There'll always be people telling you things but have a filter. 
3. Fittings aren't thatttt scary
4. Time management is CRUCIAL 
5. Stop being late
6. Never stop experimenting
7. Just because you've chosen fashion, doesn't mean you can't do textiles anymore

I literally got pretty disappointed in myself after fitting no.3 because I realized that I wasn't giving my full potential to my work. Sometimes the worst thing is to feel disappointed in yourself. But I always have a period of "grief" and then I get over it and bam I come back with vengeance. It's important to give yourself space to be sad. It's okay, we aren't perfect. There's just so much to learn. Get over those mistakes and do better. 

PS if you're a fashion student, my advice is stay away from carpeted floors cuz those damn threads will stick to your carpet and never let go unless you pick em up with duct tape regularly. 


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