Flower Market

Primark Dress, H&M hat, thrifted furcoat, vintage bag 

Went to the flower market in Utrecht today, brought home more succulent friends and a cactus. Also i found an Aloe Vera plant!!!!! Finally some natural medicinal remedies. Really loved the dress I got from Primark, even though it's Primark but i think it's the same quality as H&M. Both of them are fast fashion chains, I honestly don't see much of a difference, and I don't understand the hate. Although H&M has some better quality pieces at times. The dress really screamed Courtney Love, obviously I had to get it. 

I had project week lately and it was interesting to work with people from other departments, like Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Interactive Media design and so on. It really reminded me of the process of art making that I miss so much from my high school experience. Something to re-apply in the design process.

Also, I recently tried out nappy rash cream on my face and it has really helped with dry skin and even scars and redness. Something everyone should try, it's just so available and effective. Though it's super thick and creamy, best removed with a cotton pad in toner or water. 


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