Death by bicycle

I got a bike recently, but due to serious anxiety issues of dutch people judging me because I'm not pro like them and also death by bicycle, I've not been riding it much. Really, death by bicycle. Either I hit someone with my bike or get hit by a bike I don't know but maybe it's possible. I've probably pissed off a few cyclists by confusing them as to which direction i'm walking in and I think one guy even fell from his bike? Oops. It's like this awkward moment where you cross paths with someone and you don't know which direction they're gonna go so you go right but the other person somehow awkwardly goes right too?

Despite my fears, I managed to cycle to the beach last weekend!! Unfortunately my friend and I ended up cycling to the remote area of the beach where you'd have to walk 30 minutes to get some damn food and at the end of the day we had to cycle back home.... probably the first and only work out I'll get to do my first year in Holland. But I'm gonna make it a point to cycle to school when I can. It's strange how I ended up getting a bright blue bike when all along I was praying to get my hands on a black one. BRIGHT BLUE--possibly the most colourful thing I own, oh and with a PINK lock????

Crazy how it's already may, and in 2 months I'm done with first year. (assuming I make it to second year) Also will be spending 6 weeks back on the tropical island I still call home. Pretty stoked to see what has changed (fingers crossed maybe more MUJI stores have opened) and what new ridiculous tourist attraction has popped up. Last I heard, there was something about importing tulips from Amsterdam.... pfsh I went to the legit Keukenhof during Kings Day. Speaking of kings day I had an anxiety filled train ride to the Keukenhof. I'm not a fan of crowds, in fact I feel like hitting everyone around me when I'm in a crowd. The only exception is a music festival or a concert where basically everyone is in that same state of excitement. The train crowd really did scare me because I am TINY in this country. There were these gigantic people shouting everytime the train door opened and even worse HOARDS OF PEOPLE RUSHING FOR THE TRAIN, it's like singapore peak hour train pushing and squeezing but worse with taller nation-pride crazed people.  That aside, the Keukenhof was really nice. I was never really a huge fan of plants since I was a kid but I've grown to appreciate them. My mom would have loved it. It was like this huge amusement park for old people. My inner granny was satisfied especially when I saw black tulips SUCH BEAUTY EXISTS.

6 weeks left to work super hard and I'm already missing home. This seems to happen a lot, when it gets closer to the holidays, I always think of home : everything I get to do and everyone i get to see/hug, huge distraction and a huge motivator at the same time.


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