10 days

10 days to the sunny humid 30 degree or more weather island. In this span of 10 days, I have to clean up this pin-landmine i call my home, go shopping for birthday presents, buy train tickets to london, get like a week of sleep and water my plants more often. Right now, I'm taking lazy sunday very seriously just lying on my sofa bed (currently in it's "bed" form) watching Hannibal and American Horror story interchangeably. I turned down dinner invitations in favour of serial killer tv shows and sushi take out. What can I say, I need my "me" time. 

Tomorrow is the result of judgement day. I'm scared, obvi. But what's decided can't be changed now. I just hope, fingers crossed, i make it to second year. Biggest lesson of the year, is time management. Remember when I used to joke about procrastinating all the time when I was still doing IB? Well now it's no joking matter, because procrastination in the real world WILL set you back a hell lot. It made me realize how damn easy IB actually is, now that I've suffered more than I ever have. Long gone are the days I would complain about getting 2 hour sleep on a TOK presentation. Being a high school student is easy. Just pay attention in class, study and you will make it. Not even rocket science. The next few years of my study in Fashion design will not be easy but I will persevere. Fashion sucks. It makes me sick how superficial it is, but i'm determined to make it meaningful. It's high time i touch upon the subject of feminism in my work. Maybe in second year I will. 

The pic doesn't even fill up the heart, need a 2 euro refund or i'll throw a bf 


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