Jacket: Vintage from Episode in Amsterdam, diy cropped turtle neck, Monki cropped high waist jeans (like the best jeans ever for short people)

Hey look my jacket matches the cushions on my couch! 

 I passed first year with regrets on my performance in the second semester. None of that when I start second year in september though. The weather has been soooo good here in holland, sunny but cool enough for layering. Though i miss wearing single layers. Flying home tomorrow, got chocomel for those who've tasted this little piece of heaven. It's funny how at first I was really into chocomel, stroopwafels and other dutch snacks but it wears off after a few months. Snacking is the root of all weight gain. Believe me, I maintained my weight throughout the year by eating mainly fruit for snacks. Fashion either makes you skinny or fat. It's pretty much the extremes, hardly the in between. 

In other news, looking forward to all the good food. Which should I start with? Nasi Lemak, Hor fun, Laksa, Chicken Rice......................

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  1. Wanna try an African delicacy?
    Giant, beetle larvae
    inside a rotting,
    palm tree stump.
    Fat 3" long;
    19 of them squirmin!!!
    Yummmy. Fried in oil or live raw.
    Oh? Does that disgust you?
    Why do goth which disgusts God???

    Try eating the Eucharist first:
    take RCIA this fall.
    God bless your indelible soul.