It's been a long time. Second year started pretty insanely and i even got an art block because I was just thrown so far out of my comfort zone and left to struggle in the ocean. But i've recovered well so far. It's now christmas vacation and I spend a whole day watching Evangelion and cleaning up my room. A few hours later I can finally see the carpet of my room again. I'm sure that if you give me a show to be addicted to, it'll be as good as travelling the world. I literally immerse myself into the world of the show and when it's over I still obsess about it for days. It's like I was part of it, and the characters were my friends. Hard to say goodbye as always.

I also got my septum pierced a month ago out of pure stress and disappointment in my work. I always thought high school was challenging but who knew university would be even tougher righ?? But oh well I cannot imagine doing something else. Really.

Will bring more updates this holiday! Bye for now x.


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